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Yes Surgeon knew but I had to stop seeing him because later on I found out by reading a CT scan report that he misplaced one of the screws which was but up against my vein to my leg. He never told me about it and in fact on the follow-up visit for the CT scan he said and wrote in his note that the CT was good showing everything normal. I had to go back to NYS from GA to have another operation to get the screw out and that Dr fused the L5-S1 due to a nerve encased in bone. Ever since then I have gone to many hip Doctors and Spine Doctors and moved to Florida. Here the Doctors and physical therapists are trying to sort it out. I also have an SI Joint dysfunction but the groin pain is due to hip impingement problem where nerve is being compressed. That is what physical therapist is thinking. I am very fortunate to be in Florida. All this spine and hip stuff started with a work injury in NYS. Workers Comp has abandoned me at the moment.