Positive Patient-Provider Relationship

  1. Does the pain care provider have current training in the treatment of pain?
    • If not, are they willing to research and/or reach out to other providers for advice?
  2. Does the provider listen to your pain report, ask questions and listen carefully to your response and concerns?
  3. Do you report accurately and truthfully about your pain and the effect of the treatment plan? Do you use a pain journal or diary to illustrate how your pain affects your daily living?
  4. Does the provider encourage you to ask questions and answer them in a thoughtful manner?
  5. Do you ask questions and answer in a thoughtful manner?
  6. Does the provider help you set realistic goals to reach with your pain treatment?
  7. Are you working hard to reach those goals?
  8. Does the provider take the time to explain each treatment to you? Are both the risks as well as the benefits explained?
  9. Are you and the provider willing to accept that you may not be in full agreement in the treatment plan and work towards a reasonable compromise?
  10. Is the provider willing to speak with and listen to your advocate/family or friend, if you are experiencing great pain and unable to express yourself? Is that person allowed to be part of the medical visit?
  11. Are you and the provider willing to work together to build an effective and workable pain management plan and expect/respect you as a key member of your pain care team?
  12. Are you and the provider willing to admit when one of you does not understand an issue that affects your pain care?
  13. Are you willing to research different treatments and medications that are available and comfortable sharing those results with the provider? Is the provider open to receiving and discussing those findings?
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