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    Newly recognized, common, poorly understood. Known to exist much longer than recognized as surgeons have tried to prevent it for over 20 years.

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    In May of 2009 I was accidently diagnosised with a long brain tumor (it was found when they were looking for something else).  The surgery went well, the tumor was not cancereous, but my pain was not managed well in the hospital (leading cause of persistant post operative pain-PPOP).  When I saw the neurosurgeon at three months he asked if I was having any pain and I said yes, he said (very coldly) “people this far out from surgery don’t have pain”  Fortunately being a pain management nurse I knew better.  I also knew my neurologist at that time was not good at pain management so I decided to have my PCP work with me to manage it (fortunately he has always respected me as a pain management nurse).  I have a low level of pain nealy all the time but there are times when it gets bad, feeling like an ice pick or screw driver stabbing at my brain at the sutures (which is where the pain is; I have about a 1/4 inch depression where the piece of skull was put back in place. Sometimes it aches unbareably.  Negative stress is my most common reason for breakthrough pain.  Like most people when pain is bad I become terribly despondant.  Fortunately my pain plan works well.

    Do you have PPOP?

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    I do indeed Janice from a cervical fusion and a total knee replacement. It is not fun.

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    For five years I have had post operative pain from a failed knee implant surgery which was my third surgery on that knee to correct a problem. I am in a pain management program the medication only provides partial relief to a 6 level on the pain scale. Each step I take it feels like a knife is being shoved in below my knee right where the implant is so as you can imagine I spend most of my days off my feet, when I walk I have to use a cane now. I was told the surgery was fine its my bodies fault that it couldn’t handle the implant. What a joke. No MRI done prior to that surgery to see if the implant would work in my body. So I wait going through a series of more PT, more doctors, more PT, insurance problems, more PT, you name it. I pray someone somewhere reads this and can point me in the right direction of getting out of this hell in a shell I am living in.

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    I would like to welcome you to our discussion forums. I do wish it was under different circumstances. Is there an option to have the implant removed since the doctors are saying your body isn’t accepting the implant?

    Keep coming back and we will support you in every way we can. We also have live hosted chats on Monday – Wednesday – Friday at 11am eastern time. You can chat with live folks who truly understand what a journey with pain is all about. If I can answer any questions please let me know.


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