Color ChartIt is a question that is asked often in the “getting to know you” phase of a relationship or as an ice breaker in some social situations. A teenager recently caught me off guard by answering, “It depends on how I feel. Right now I like light blue in a happy way not in a Blues music way.”  Turns out I know exactly what she means.

My favorite colors are white, purple, green, maroon and dusky orange – not necessarily together. White for the clean promise of possibility. Green for the comforting, peaceful and relaxing associations I have with fresh air, Spring and walking meditations in the open space near my home. Maroon for the warmth, strength and formality it brings to my mind which connects this color to a favorite sweater and a dress my mother wore long ago. Dusky orange is a grounding color that brings closure to one day or the promise of possibilities in a new day.

Color is a feeling and color is a tool to communicate those feelings to others. I’ve experienced painful situations where I was unable to speak, or at least articulate clearly. As a precaution for the next time this happens, I have color coded a pain scale ‘cheat sheet’ so that my husband will be able to interpret and advocate for me in the healthcare system. It is a scale of 1 to 10 where I’ve written out what each level of pain means to me. Looking at the colorized version of my personalized pain scale it is easy to see why I like white.

What’s your favorite color today? Do you have a unique way to communicate your pain level? I’d love to hear about it.

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