SocksThey are warm, brightly colored and soft. I love cooler temperatures for many reasons including that it is time again to wear socks. Crew, knee high, tights… so many options. I have many favorites in my collection to choose. The variety gives me physical and emotional comfort, along with the flexibility to select ones that match my style and my mood.

Comfort comes from the soft fibers caressing the skin of my chilly feet as they magically bring back the warmth I crave. The colors evoke soothing images and emotions. (For more about how colors help me to communicate, see my blog, What’s Your Favorite Color )

Additional comfort comes from how each pair of socks reminds me of fond experiences or people important to me:

  • The silver threaded ones with multi-colored polka dots were given to me as a birthday gift from my cousin during a trip I made to visit her in Bath
  • The red and pink leopard print socks are ones that I wore to a concert with friends
  • The red ones dotted with Christmas trees are from a dear friend who had made a donation to one of my favorite charities—she used those socks as a gift bag with the donation note inside
  • The wildly patterned fleece pair are from my husband; he gave to me one cold winter when pain prevented me from moving around enough to keep warm
  • Then there is that lacy, hand knitted pair made by a friend who lives in Alaska—Surprise! They are deceptively warm.

Sometimes, I find that just looking at my colorfully clad feet is enough to distract me from my body’s painful protestations. Other times, just opening my sock drawer to decide which ones to wear on a given day is enough for me to feel bathed in healing colors, memories and feelings. These are simple pleasures that should not be overlooked.

What are the simple pleasures that give you comfort? Do you have comfy socks with a story to share?

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