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    Hello, I’ll hit the basis immediately and don’t have much to say.
    We are only here to meet the few who can reason to work with us and we’re a group of growers that rather believe action speaks better and most of all loyal and consistent trustworthy supply from our end hoping to meet and greet with clients of same school of thoughts and a stress free transaction.
    We only act when necessary and do not contact us for unsolicited inquiries. We can look forward meeting the few reasonable sane biz minded clients who are interested and need the best exotic and real loud top quality flowers, distillates, crude oil, vape carts…etc 24hrs on 7. If you buy a zip or move 10+ lbs weekly or so, hmu for easy purchases and directories on how to place your orders and how deliveries, drop off, pickup, ~~~~ deals work with us.
    We have the best exotic and top shelf quality indoor flowers, distillates, greenhouse, light deps, outdoor units, trims, shatter, wax etc available 24/7.
    Distillates Prices
    1st PASS – $1500
    2nd PASS – $2500
    3rd PASS – $4000
    Top Shelf Indoor flowers go for $1000 a lb, $800 on a unit of light dep, $400 on a unit of quality outdoor strains. We pose multiple trim units at our disposal and willing to meet and greet with any buyer interested and ~~~~ available as well.
    Contact me if only you know what it takes to deal with a consistent and reliable plug.
    Drop off
    Call or Text or WhatsApp: +1 (614)-699-3208

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