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      Hey guys,
      My mother has a dental infection, and she has been suffering from severe pain on this tooth. We consulted family dentistry in Mississauga to save the natural tooth as our first choice. So the dentist suggested taking root canal treatment to save the tooth. He said that in this process the injured pulp of the tooth will be removed, and finishes the process by restoring the tooth with a crown or filling. He assured that this treatment would enable the teeth to function as your natural teeth do. However, he suggested consulting an endodontist for better treatment options. But when we consulted an endodontist, he recommended that extraction would be the better choice. Then a dental implant would help to bite and chew properly, and it keeps healthy teeth from shifting and maintain the natural appearance. So we about take dental implants treatment. However, I would like to hear from you. Is dental implant treatment is best for the overall health?

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