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      Hey guys,
      I have been suffering from back pain for the past few months. I’m working in an Electronic shop as a salesman. Our shop contains the sales of various electronic home appliances as well as commercial appliances. We mainly focus on the sales of the most trusted brand named True. We have True commercial refrigerators, coolers, 2 door freezers etc. Somedays, I need to work for organizing these appliances according to customer preferences. Sometimes, I used to help the workers for lifting these heavy appliances. So I think it may be because of that I have been suffering from back pain. Now, it is getting difficult for me to do my usual works. I think I should immediately take some treatment for back pain. Which one would be the best treatment to cure back pain? I would like to know your opinions and suggestions on this.

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      dr vasistha

      Being a patient of lower back pain I have been to mostly all the doctors.
      and there medicines seemed to help me temporarily. Currently my doctor is of
      pain management doctor rockland county ny and he has recommended me thermotherapy. Which has been quite helpful for me. The icing might help
      in injuries but I believe it would cause more pain if applied for joint pain.

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      Greetings people, hope you are all good now. I am new to this forum. I was checking out the several discussions and found out yours. In the past 2 months, i`ve also been suffering from severe back and shoulder pain. At first, i rubbed some ice then i did some hot water compress. i was feeling litte better but What made the pain gone, was a massager that my brother had. it was not instant, but after appyling the same method over 2 days. i was completely pain free. You can try applying too. if it worked for me, it will work for you. You can have the massager on amazon. here is the link
      hope it will help you also. Blessings

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      There are lot of option treatment for back pain but you need to diagnosis 1st by doctor. Then decide what to do. Some tips you may follow as like exercise, swimming, using orthopedic bed. If you work longtime in desk just walking after one hour. also fix sitting position and chair. You can use recliner for back pain ,Don’t take any pain killer pill 1st just talk with your orthopedic doctor. You can watch video for exercise on youtube.

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      pain relief122

      you can get your pain relief pills( adderal, oxycodone and more)


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