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    What Determines How You Dress Each Day?

    When we get up in the morning, or the night before, we decide what we will need to wear for the day. If we have small children in the home we also have to dress them appropriately. Where are we going today? What is the weather like? Will the weather change before we get home? What else do I take with me? The list sometimes seems to go on and on. As a mom it can be overwhelming to get everything together you need.

    Here are some tips that may help.

    Things to keep in the car:

    1. A towel
    2. A roll of paper towels
    3. Bottled water (1/2 teaspoon of bleach, in a 1/2 gallon container of water, with a tight fitting lid, should keep for a year.)
    4. A jack and spare tire
    5. A flashlight with extra batteries
    6. The car registration
    7. A small first-aid kit
    8. Toys for small children 2 or 3 each, and it is always good if they are toys they can share. A backpack or small container for these toys works well.
    9. An extra pair of children’s clothing (a plastic container, or backpack work great).
    10. If you wear glasses and have a spare or old pair (If yours get broken while you are out, any of your old glasses are better than none.) If you are home you will still know where to find them if needed.

    The minute the weather gets chilly keep a jacket or sweater close to the door. This comes in very handy when you are heading for the car. You do not have to be looking all over the place for all the jackets and sweaters. When the children are outside playing, and the cool air starts drifting in, they are right inside the door. If you have any extra, warm children’s clothing, it is always good to keep something warm to wear in the car. You will be glad if the weather changes before you get home.

    If a child often sleeps away from home keep a bag packed. When they come home just clean it out and repack it.

    Depending on the weather, this is the children’s clothing I would pack:

    • toiletries and medicine as needed
    • 2 pair of pajamas
    • 2 pair of underclothes
    • 1 or 2 short sleeve shirts
    • 1 or 2 long sleeve shirts
    • 2 pair of short pants
    • 2 pair of long pants
    • a pair of socks
    • a jacket if need
    • maybe an extra pair of shoes
    • definitely toys, books, and/or puzzles

    If they are going to be gone more than one night add one more of everything for each day they will be gone. Then a good rule is if they are gone 3 days have 4 outfits packed. If they are going to be gone 6 days pack 8 outfits.

    I am known as a good girl scout. I like to be prepared.

    When I was a young mother I took my first baby and went shopping with my girlfriend. I had the diaper bag all neatly organized with a change of clothes for me as well. (My baby projectile vomited. This means when he threw up he could hit the wall.) I loaded all my stuff in the car and went to pick up my girlfriend. She was breast feeding and bringing her third child. She came out to greet me with her baby on one hip, her purse over her shoulder, holding this little tiny umbrella stroller. I asked her if she was bringing a diaper bag and she took a diaper out of her purse and waived it at me. To her this was all she needed!

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