VA taking away opiates from veterans

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    I am curious if any other veteran has had opiates taken away from them. Were you tapered off or was it more drastic? If you have, what other treatment options are they offering you? I ask these questions because the VA will start my tapering off of morphine for the next 6 months. I saw my PCP last month and he didn’t have a clue as to what the VA will do for pain. I brought up the IMPACT program and he then remembered that he had undergone some training in that and had accupuncture done several times a week and it helped him with his back pain. But what they will do with me is still an unknown issue. I am planning on contacting the Patient Advocate to see if they can find out anything for me. I will write about my journey in hopes that some of my fellow vets will find something they can use that will help them out. Good luck.

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    Whow, nobody answer this. I know it’s been a year but have you found help? I am a disabled Veteran. VA has not helped me with my pain. I have to go outside to get pain management and medicine. I take Morphin & Oxycodone. I am not sure I would be alive without them. Dorn VA Medical center in SC don’t give out too many pain medications. Even if I have years of doctors and specialist notes. Let me know if you have found a better way to there hearts.

    I hope this website works better. To wait a year. Shame

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