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We Want Your Feedback Chalk IllustrationWebsite Upgrades

Our website has recently received a face lift. We’ve made some improvements in order to accommodate new and improved services and resources.

New Chat Room

Our new chat room software does not require any additional downloads and provides greater access for our members. You will note the new tab on the right side of the website on all pages. You can open the tab to see if anyone else is logged in to the site and send instant messages to other members to either have a private chat or invite them to the chat room. We currently have regular, moderated chats on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11:00am ET and Thursdays at 7:00pm ET. Please join us!

Expanded and Upgraded Resources

We have launched our new and improved Resources section which will allow you not only to find helpful resources, but you can rate the resources listed and also submit written reviews about each resource. We also plan to continue to expand the functionality of this section by giving you ways to submit suggested resources.

Share Your Input

We want to hear what you think about these improvements and about what other features we can provide to help you. Please take a moment to take our website survey.



Your Pain IQ Quiz

While traveling on your pain journey, the more you learn about pain and its treatment, the more likely you will find solutions that improve your quality of living. The longer you live with pain the more likely you may become an expert in your own pain experience. Take this quiz and see how far you have come.

Travel Survey

travel-msIf you live with pain, answer three short questions about how you prepare when planning to travel for several days or more.


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