Drawing to Music

As a person who lived with serious chronic pain for many years, and one who has had a very busy home and work life, I’ve found that drawing to music was one way I could get much needed “breathing room” for my mind, body, and spirit. It helped me relax, express my...

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Weeding Out the Facts

Part 2 of 4 - Read Part One I have to start out by saying that I am not a doctor, nor am I chemist or herbalist. I’m just an average person who has been exposed to lots of media reports and social conversations about marijuana (weed, pot, cannabis, or whatever you...

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Healing Music

A few years ago I was feeling sorry for myself as I lay on the floor in the living room dealing with back spasms and a hip subluxation. I had been down in the dumps for weeks prior to this due to the recent passing of my beloved dog, QTPi. In short I was a mess...

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